How to close your Property Management department over Easter

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Thinking of taking a break from your rent roll over Easter?

It’s only a few weeks away, so if you plan to close your office for 4 days, and you want to take a real break, here are my top 3 tips for taking a break this Easter:

1 – Embrace automation

Outsource anything you can, and automate anything else!

Don’t automate so far that you lose personal connection with your clients, but do automate things that allow you to step away from your business for the 4 day long weekend.

Chat bots or client portals can be a great way to automate and allow you time to step away from your business.

2 – Educate your clients

If you’re going to be closed all 4 days over Easter, and you’d usually be open on a Saturday (for example), you’ll need to educate your clients about what to do if they need urgent help during this period.

I’ve got a template email you can have for this. I wrote it for the Christmas period, but you can tweak it to work for the Easter long weekend instead.

Click here to download the template email

3 – Plan

Each year, plan these breaks so you’re not burnt out. Plan time off for long weekends and also other times away from the office. You’ll come back refreshed and recharged and ready to take on the world if you have regular breaks.

You’ll perform better in your business if you give yourself breaks throughout the year, so why not start this Easter?

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