Hi, I’m Ellen!

I’ve been in property management most of my career, I’ve started and grown a rent roll from scratch, and I’m a big fan of content marketing as a growth strategy.

Why do I love content marketing?

Because I hate cold calling, door knocking and bothering people who don’t want to list their property with me.

I like attracting clients who want to work with me.

So, after growing my own rent roll from scratch and selling it a few years ago, I want to help you with your content marketing, so you can attract landlords into your rent roll, who want to work with you too.

But here’s where I’m a little different to most “rent roll growth experts”

Sure, I hate cold calling.

And yes, I hate door knocking too.

And I don’t even believe you need to be on EVERY single social media platform all the time.

I will NOT teach you how to grow your rent roll by 50 properties a month (if you want to do that, hire a BDM in your business, and find a different rent roll growth coach – that’s not my jam).

There’s one thing I’m really good at (because of my own business experience).  And that’s knowing how to get leads into your rent roll every single month, consistently and sustainably, by investing 5-10 hours a week into your growth and content marketing strategies (and most of those strategies are either free, or very cheap).

I love content marketing (online and offline) and I love showing you how to use your content marketing strategies to grow your rent roll.  But I won’t be asking you to cold call, or door knock, and you don’t even need to have a sales team in your office to send you leads.

If you hang out with me you’ll realise two things:

  1. I’m all about the step-by-step process.  If I suggest a marketing strategy, I’ll show you exactly how to do it.
  2. I’m all about avoiding burnout.  I’m not going to ask you to “hustle until your eyeballs bleed”.  I hate that approach.  I’ll ask you to use the growth strategies that are sustainable, and I’ll even show you how to tweak things to make them even easier.

During the week, you’ll find me here in my home office, writing exceptional content for my clients, creating pre-written social media content for you and sharing behind the scenes on social media.

But on weekends, you’ll find me sitting in a cafe, sipping an almond flat white, and enjoy time with my husband Matt.

If you’re here to find out how to grow your rent roll using content marketing, let’s hang out – I think you and I will get along splendidly!

Download my Guide on How to Grow Your Rent Roll in 5 Hours a Week.