What Content Works Best for Rent Roll Growth?

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So, you’re keen on growing your rent roll with some good content marketing?

Brilliant! You’re in the right spot. Let me talk to you about how to make your rent roll grow with some high-quality content marketing strategies and ensure maximum returns on any content you create. 

The goal of creating valuable content is to position you as a professional. Content marketing is all about educating customers in good faith and highlights your business along the way.” – Jasmine Star, a World-class Speaker, Thought Leader, Podcast Host, CEO, and entrepreneur.

Here are 7 steps that can assist you in starting your high-performing content:

Step 1: Settle in with Your Strategy

First off, let’s talk about strategy.

You wouldn’t go on a road trip without a map, right?

Same goes for content marketing. Your strategy is your roadmap. It’s what guides you to your destination, which is rent roll growth (in case you’d forgotten 😉). So, take a moment to think about who you’re chatting to (that’s your target audience) and what you want to tell them.

Remember, your content should be as inviting as an iced latte on a hot summer day!

Step 2: “Blogging” – Tell Your Story, Share Your Smarts

Blogging is like having a chat with your mates, but online.

It’s where you share your expertise, tell stories about your properties, and your property management processes, and give tips that help your readers. Think about what keeps your audience up at night, maybe it’s investment tips, property investment how-tos, or market trends, and write about that. Keep it light, informative, and don’t forget to throw in a bit of humour!

Step 3: “Videos” –  Be the Star of Your Show

Videos are important!

People love watching videos as much as they love a good iced latte in the summer heat. Short, snappy videos on platforms like Instagram or TikTok can really put a face to your name. Show off a property, share a quick tip, or just say hello. Keep it real and relatable, like having a chat with someone while you’re waiting for your barista to make your latte.

Step 4: “Newsletters” – Your Monthly Catch-Up

Think of your email newsletter as your monthly (or fortnightly, or weekly) catch-up with your clients (or people who haven’t become your clients yet). Share updates, latest blogs, or a personal story. It’s your chance to be a bit more personal, like sharing news over a cuppa with a friend.

The key?

Keep it interesting. Nobody likes a boring email!

Step 5: “Social Media” – Your Online Community

Social media is your online community. Each platform is like a different cafe. They’ve all got a different vibe.

LinkedIn? That’s the cafe downstairs in the high-rise office building. It’s where all the people in suits hang out, grab an espresso and mingle with other corporates. This is a great place to share industry and market news and professional tips

Instagram and Facebook? More like your weekend cafe – the one you go to after walking the dog on Saturday morning. A bit more relaxed and visual. Share photos, quick videos, and light-hearted posts. And remember, engage with your followers like they’re your mates at the cafe. Comment, like, and chat with them.

Step 6: “Short Form Videos” – Be a Quick-Wit Star

Short-form videos are all the rage!  You know that right?

And they’re perfect for showing the world your personality. Quick property tours, a day in your life as a property manager, showing how you set up for an open home, and client testimonials. All these make great content! Think of it as your elevator pitch but way more fun.

Step 7: “Consistency” – Keep the Chat Going

Just like any good friendship, consistency is key. Content marketing is no exception here. If you’re not nurturing your friends (the people who read your content), you won’t keep them as friends.

Keep your content regular. If you say you’ll post a blog every Tuesday, stick to it. It’s like making a regular coffee date with your mates, they start to look forward to it (and so will you!)

You’ve Got This!

So, there you have it!

Your laid-back guide to boosting your rent roll growth with content marketing. Remember, it’s all about being yourself, sharing your expertise, and keeping the conversation going.

And hey, if you ever feel a bit stuck, or you want more tips on mastering this content marketing strategy, check out our insights on content marketing tips for rent roll growth and how to grow your rent roll for free.

Now it’s over to you!

Roll up your sleeves, fire up that keyboard, and start creating some quality content that’ll have your rent roll growing consistently and reliably. And remember, have fun with it!

But wait…

Running a rent roll can be as busy, so if you’re strapped for time or ideas, don’t stress, our team at ContentCollab is here to help. Our team offers expert content creation services, from search engine-optimised blogs to engaging social media posts, all designed to boost your rent roll growth.

Reach out to us, and we can help you enhance your online presence with minimal fuss and maximum impact.

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