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If you’re looking for a motivational speaker, you’re in the wrong place!  But if you’re looking for someone who will teach you how to grow your rent roll using content marketing (without burnout), you’ve found the right speaker for your event.

As a speaker, Ellen is truly unique in her approach to presentations.

As opposed to being a ‘motivational speaker’, Ellen provides practical ‘how to’ presentations that enable her audience to walk away feeling equipped and confident to grow their business using the strategies Ellen teaches..

Ellen has the following key note training presentations available;

  • 3 Ways to Use Tech to Grow Your Rent Roll
  • 5 Steps to Getting Your First 50 Managements
  • How to Grow Your Rent Roll with Referrals from your Current Landlords
  • How to Grow Your Personal Property Manager Brand with Social Media
  • How to get Landlord Leads from Video Interviews

Beyond the above, Ellen can customise a training program specifically for your event!

Download my Guide on How to Grow Your Rent Roll in 5 Hours a Week.