Want to grow your Rent Roll with your Content and Social Media?
Do you struggle with content, consistency and running out of time?
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Do you ever...
Struggle to come stay consistent on social media?

You're not the only one, my friend. if you're running a rent roll, you're super busy. It's no surprise that you struggle to stay consistent with your socials.

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Do you ever...
Run out of time to create content in advance?

You're busy, that's for sure. So how can you find enough time to focus on your socials? Let alone, creating blogs and videos for your website, or newsletters for your landlords and database.

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Do you ever...
Feel like you're not getting any results from your socials?

If you're going to spend time on your social media, you deserve to see results from it.  You should be getting engagement, more followers, and landlord leads from your social media.

The Content Club

Social media, content and marketing for busy Rent Roll owners.

When you join The Content Club you will...
Save yourself 5-15 hours of work on your social media, every month
Be consistent on social media, with your website content, and your email marketing, every single month
Grow your brand, even if you're a brand new rent roll.
Always have brilliant content ideas, without having to come up with them yourself
Produce high quality blogs, videos, reels, posts and email marketing, to grow your presence as an expert in your marketplace.
Get better engagement with your followers, on your videos, replies to your landlord newsletters, and reach with your posts.
Join The Content Club today
No lock in contracts, cancel anytime, select the subscription that works best for you.
perfect for beginners
Easy monthly content
Monthly content training
Easy content calendars
Live planning sessions with Ellen
save some $$$
Easy monthly content
Monthly content training
Easy content calendars
Live planning sessions with Ellen

pay once - nothing more
one payment - no ongoing fees
Easy monthly content
Monthly content training
Easy content calendars
Live planning sessions with Ellen
"So easy to use... I can't wait to get posting!"
I’ve just joined the Content Club and been through all of the “how to” videos. The whole thing is BRILLIANT! OMG so easy to use and it actually looks super fun. I can’t wait to get posting! Thank you!!!
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Nikki Montaser - Front Door Property
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What's inside
Here's what you'll achieve in The Content Club...

Not sure what content to post and when, what to email out each month, or what videos to record?

Don't stress, you're not alone! Plenty of people wonder what content to post, what to send as a newsletter, or what content to create. The Content Club has got this sorted for you. We'll give you all the content ideas and templates to get your social media sorted fast!

Join the monthly content creation sessions!

We said you're not alone and we really mean it!  Join our monthly live content creation sessions held on video.  This is where you and other members of The Content Club get down to business, and use our templates and resources to create your own unique content plan and personalised posts for the month.

Ellen is there the whole time to help you with your questions during the session.

Get results each month using our monthly growth strategies!

We understand rent roll growth, and we understand social media and content marketing.  We're getting awesome results for other members in The Content Club who are using our templates, systems and resources.

Every month, you get new templates and new strategies to consistently grow your following and your results.

A small sample of people who have used The Content Club

Even as a rookie, I got the best social media growth!

Amanda Turner

I got stopped at a takeaway restaurant because someone recognised me from social media!


Melissa Hickson 

Don’t wait for the perfect moment, just post something!


 Sally Shaw 

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What's inside?
Here's what's inside The Content Club

Pre-Written Social Posts

Not sure what to post on social media today?  Try one of our pre-written social media post templates.  Just copy the template, add your own personalisation and post it (or schedule it in advance)

Pre-Written Blog Articles

Get fresh pre-written blog articles, for landlords specifically, download them, edit them to suit your marketplace and post them as your own.  You can even use them as scripts for videos, reels, TikToks and more!

Image Templates

Struggling to create images to go with your social posts, email newsletters and other marketing content?  Get fresh Canva templates (instantly downloadable into your own Canva account) each month.

Landlord Newsletter

Get the monthly blogs in a beautifully presented newsletter, ready for you to edit, customise and make your own. You'll get the original newsletter in a Canva template, so you can modify it, rebrand it and share it with your clients.

Social Media Calendar

A monthly social media calendar to follow, inspiring you to create social media posts every single day of the month.  You'll have daily post prompts and can create your own posts, use our post templates, or use AI to help you write new posts following each monthly calendar.

Monthly Training Sessions

Maybe you don't need social media and marketing content, but you'd love to get some in-depth training on how to use different tools and strategies.
Each month, you'll get access to a training session on how to use a specific tool, strategy, system or template that you can implement immediately!

Live Planning and Question Sessions

Join Ellen for a monthly live planning and Q&A session.  Get your social media and marketing planned out each month, and ask Ellen questions live.

PLUS, get these bonuses

Video Training:
How to use Video Interviews to get Landlord Leads
Valued at $197
AND get this bonus if you join as an annual OR lifetime member of
The Content Club

Video Training:
How to DIY Your Own Photos and Videos
Valued at $197
PLUS, You’re Not Locked In To Any Contracts With The Content Club Membership.

Let me say this up front…

The Content Club is the most comprehensive, pre-written content templates and training membership you’ll be able to find, especially for rent roll owners.

Our members see amazing results when they take action with their social media, email marketing and content creation using the content we provide each month.

But here’s the kicker…

If you join The Content Club and you’re not 100% thrilled with the content, you can cancel at any time

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