If you want to grow your rent roll with your social media and content marketing, you’re in the right place.

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Hi, I’m Ellen!

If you’re growing a rent roll you know how busy life gets between receipting rent and doing inspections, preparing for listing presentations, trying to prospect there’s not enough time.

But now, you need to be creating content.

Content for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn…

Articles for your blog…

Short videos for Instagram Reels and TikToks…

Newsletters for your landlords and prospective landlords…

So what if I could show you a way to grow your rent roll using your content without burnout?

I’m Ellen Bathgate I’ve started and grown my own rent roll from scratch (without a sales team). I’ve suffered burnout and overwhelm along the way, and I’m here to help you grow your rent roll, using content marketing, without burning yourself out.

Let’s be real here, it’s not a formula that will bring in 50 properties per month.  If you want to grow by 50 properties per month, you better have a full time BDM in place, and you should probably find a different rent roll growth coach.  But if you’re the owner of the rent roll, and you’re the person responsible for growth, your content marketing can bring in 2-10 properties a month: Reliably and Sustainably.

Connect with me here to learn about how to use content marketing to grow your rent roll, without burning out.

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Download my Guide on How to Grow Your Rent Roll in 5 Hours a Week.