Why you need to delete (some of) your Instagram followers

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Here’s a scary thought for you.

You probably need to remove some of your Instagram followers.

I know, I’m usually talking about creating a strategy to help you get more followers.

But today, I’m gonna tell you to do the opposite.

I’m gonna ask you to remove some of your Instagram followers.


Because they’re holding you back.

They’re destroying your organic reach.

And they’re getting in the way of the followers you really want on Instagram.

Good news though.

You don’t have to remove all of your Instagram followers.

Just 3 types of followers in particular.

Want to know who you need to remove?

Here they are:

Instagram follower to remove # 1

Your friends and family who don’t have anything do to with renting properties (either as a tenant or a landlord) or don’t even live in the area.

Yes, it’s a beautiful thing when your friends and family follow your Instagram account.

They’re supporting you, your business, your family and your brand. And you love them for that.

But, the more friends and family you have following you on Instagram (who are not, and never will be your potential clients), the more you teach Instagram to show more of your posts to similar people. People similar to your friends and family, who don’t have anything to do with renting property. And that’s not idea for your Instagram account. Well, it’s not a good idea if you’d prefer to show your account to people who are interested in renting property (either as a landlord or a tenant).

Here’s how to do it.

Contact your friends or family personally, explain the reasons (and the Instagram algorithm), thank them for their support, and ask them if they’d be cool to unfollow you. They can always go and check out your account, have a look at your stuff, without being a follower of yours.

Instagram follower to remove # 2

Your industry friends. Other rent roll owners and property managers.

Ooh, this is a hard one, hey?

We all want to follow our fellow rent roll owners. We want to encourage each other, like each other’s posts, and get inspiration from each other on how we can grow our rent rolls together.

But here’s the problem.

If you put up a great post on Instagram, and then all your industry friends (other rent roll owners and property managers) like and comment on it, the algorithm will learn to show your posts to them, more than your other followers.

Truth is, your industry friends do really want to help you and your business. So, they wouldn’t want to discover that their likes and comments on your posts are detracting from your other followers.

Here’s what to do about it.

Talk to your industry friends, just like you would with your friends and family, and ask them to unfollow you OR at least reduce the amount they’re engaging with your account (so that your other followers can see more of your posts).

Instagram follower to remove # 3

Randoms with strange account names.

Ever been followed by someone with an account name like: z1299u38908 (or something random like that)?

And when you go check out their account, they have 6 followers and they’re following 1000 accounts?

Yup, these are probably just spammy fake accounts. Maybe even bots!

They’re not real, legitimate people who are active and engaged on Instagram.

And they’re taking up valuable follower space on your account.

Plus, if they’re liking/commenting on your posts, they’re teaching the algorithm to show more of your posts to them, rather than your real followers.

Here’s what to do about it.

Go into your list of followers. Find those spammy, fake, bot accounts and click the “remove” button next to their name.

Get rid of those randoms!

So, you’ve just deleted a bunch of followers. Now what?

Back to business as usual! Enjoy the fact that you now have a “clean” collection of Instagram followers, who will now get to see more of your posts! Hooray!

Need some ideas for what to post on social media? Download my list of 16 Different Social Post Ideas for Rent Roll Growth.

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