The Secrets to Success when running a Property Management Business with Family

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When Talisha Buttsworth first started working in her Mum’s property management company, her Mum fired her!

It’s true, Sandy Buttsworth fired her own daughter!

But that’s not where the story ends. I recently sat down with Sandy and Talisha, from Island Sands Asset Management to talk about how they work together, as mother and daughter, in Sandy’s property management business.

In this episode of The Rent Roll Starter Podcast, Sandy and Talisha reveal:

✅ Their rocky start to working together

✅ How they gave it a second chance and work together so successfully now

✅ How they each take time away from the business, while the other keeps the landlords and tenants happy

✅ And much more

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Want to connect with Sandy and Talisha?  Here’s where you can find them:

Island Sands Asset Management on Facebook
Island Sands Asset Management on Instagram
Sandy Buttsworth on Instagram
Talisha Buttsworth on Instagram

And if you’d rather watch the video interview, it’s right here:

Want to hear more about Sandy and Talisha?  Here’s some more info:

Sandy entered the real estate industry 34 years ago in WA and now having worked in most roles throughout NT, NSW and now QLD, is the Director of a property management only agency in Central Queensland. Island Sands Asset Management was born out of pure frustration from working for sales based Principals not seeing the value in tenants and owners and taking on properties that were poorly maintained.

Sandy leads a small team at Island Sands Asset Management where our moral is quality over quantity allowing us all to return phone calls and emails to our clients, and do a more thorough and extensive job on every property management task. We honestly do the same A-Z tasks as other property managers, but we execute each task with extreme thoroughness.

Talisha joined the team 3 years ago, and it has been a blessing having her on the Team – it just makes small business so much easier having a “mini me” on the ground too or as some Tradies call us Big Boss and Little Boss!

Talisha Buttsworth started in Property Management at 17 years old. Now 9 years into her Property Management career and working for her Mum in the family business, Talisha knows how special it is to have found her dream job at such a young age.

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