The Fastest Way to Grow a Rent Roll

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Ever wondered what is the fastest way to grow a rent roll?

Have you ever looked at your rent roll, and thought “I gotta grow this thing FAST!”

Now, you might be looking at all the different ways that trainers are telling you to grow your rent roll?

Things like:

Working your sales team.

Working with other sales teams.

Expired sales listings (check out my ultimate letterboxing formula for this).

Contact private landlords.

Working with strata managers.



Social media posting (here are 16 Social Media Post ideas).

Getting Google and Facebook reviews.

Referrals from current landlords.

Working your buyer database.

Sending the 9 word email.

Running property investor seminars.


Writing guest blogs.

Now, all these strategies work.

They truly do.

But if there’s one single thing that works better than everything else, it’s this:

Systemised, strategic networking.

The process of growing a network of people who will refer landlords to you on a consistent basis.

Now, you can grow your network in person, or you can grow it online using social media.

In fact, one of our members of The Content Club is Melissa Hickson from Prime Residential Property Management and she is using LinkedIn to be systemised and strategic with her networking.

And you know what?

She’s growing her rent roll because of it!

In fact, she’s using her network to grow her rent roll.

Melissa is all over social media, but her favourite platform is LinkedIn and she already has over 10,000 connections!

Recently, Melissa got stopped at a takeaway restaurant by someone who said “Hey, I know you! You’re Melissa from Prime Residential Property Management!”

Turns out, he knew Melissa from LinkedIn!

Now, here’s the secret with your systemised, strategic networking…

Whether you do it in person, or you do it on LinkedIn like Melissa.

It’s not enough just to make a connection on LinkedIn…

It’s not enough to just hand over a business card at a group networking event…

It’s not even enough to meet with a potential referral partner for coffee…

You need to treat your network and your referral partners as well as you would treat a potential landlord.

You’ve gotta work with them.

Nurture them.

And add value to them too!

If you do… you’ll grow your rent roll faster

Faster than any other way.

But only if you do it right.

And only if you treat your networking with a systemised, strategic approach.

Do this, and you’ll grow your rent roll.

And you’ll grow it fast!

Want to learn more about working with your network and referral partners to grow your rent roll?

Join me in my upcoming Masterclass: 5 Ways To Grow Your Rent Roll (one of the ways is ALL about working with your network!)

And if you haven’t read my last blog 3 Ways To Use Tech to Wow Your Clients (and grow your Rent Roll too!) be sure to check that out next

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