The 9 Word Email For Growing A Rent Roll

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A new landlord lead comes in…

You talk to them on the phone…

You go out for the listing presentation…

But then, they disappear…

And you don’t win the business…

And you’re not quite sure what happened to them!

So, you put the landlord into your CRM…

And you stay in touch via email newsletters, phone calls, cards, etc…

But it feels like this lead has gone cold…

If feels like you’re never gonna get to list that property…

So it’s probably time for the “9 Word Email”

The magic email to resurrect cold leads!

Now, the “9 Word Email” is not a new idea

And it’s certainly not MY idea!

In fact, it was Dean Jackson’s idea in the first place.

But it’s an effective way to entice cold leads to start communicating with you again.

Here’s the formula…

You’re going to send a very short (9 word) email to these landlord leads that have gone quiet.

Here’s the breakdown of that email.

Subject Line

For the subject line, you just want to type their first name only.  This means, if you were sending the email to me, the subject line would just say “Ellen”.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Body of Email

This is where you type in the magic 9 words!

“Are you still looking at getting (insert your service)?”

So your email might be a few more than 9 words, it might be:

“Are you still looking at getting a property manager?”

“Are you still looking at getting a tenant for your investment property?”

“Are you still looking at getting a new property manager to look after your house?”

Example of entire email

So, here’s what your email would end up looking like:


Subject: Ellen



Are you still looking at getting a property manager?

— Sarah


That’s all!  Don’t add anything extra to the email – it won’t work as well if you add more to it or babble on.  It has to be short and sharp.  I’d even recommend that you test some emails like this where you delete your email signature/footer as well.  You might find (like I do) that you get a better response without the email signature!

Want some extra examples?


Now, you’re going to get one of three responses.

  1. They ignore your email altogether.  In which case, you’re no worse off than you were before you sent the email!
  2. They reply to you and tell you that they’re not looking for a property manager any more, or they’ve appointed someone else. Armed with that information, you can decide how (or if) to follow them up going forward.  If they’ve appointed another property manager, you’ll want your follow up to be a little different than if they’ve decided not to rent out their property at all!
  3. They’ll reply expressing some curiosity about your email. They almost certainly won’t reply and just say “YES!”  They’ll probably reply and say “maybe”, or “we’re still thinking” or they’ll engage in conversation with you further.

The 9 word email has been around for many years, and it’s worked in every single industry!

And let me give you some advice here…

The majority of people will not reply…

And a bunch of people will reply to say “no” or some version of “no”

But if you resurrect, say 2 landlord leads…

And they each have just one property worth $400 per week, at 7% commission, over 5 years…

You’ve just made $7280 per property!

That’s $14,560!

(Plus letting fees, plus rent increases, plus other fees, PLUS about $4500 per property as part of a rent roll sale!  So maybe it’s more like $25,000!)

So it’s definitely worth a try, right?

And if you need extra ideas on how to get more landlord leads, join my upcoming Masterclass: 5 Ways To Grow Your Rent Roll

If you haven’t seen my last blog titled Lies About The Hustle of Rent Roll Growth be sure to check that out next!

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