Should you Pay for the Blue Tick on Facebook and Instagram (if you’re in Property Management)?

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Should you pay for the blue tick on Instagram and Facebook if you’re in Property Management?

You’ve probably heard by now that Instagram and Facebook are now offering you the option to pay $14.99 a month (or $11.99 for the Facebook web version) to get that blue tick on your profile!

So if you’re wondering whether you should pay for it or not, let’s talk about the pros and cons… and why I haven’t done it myself (at least for now).

Let’s start with the pros:

  1. Credibility.
    The blue tick is a symbol of authenticity and credibility, showing that your account is verified by the platform. It can enhance your reputation, making you stand out from the crowd and gain trust from your audience.
  2. Increased Visibility.
    Although Meta has been saying that it won’t increase your visibility, we all know that verified accounts often receive preferential treatment. This can be a game-changer, especially if you’re using social media for business or personal branding purposes.
  3. Protection Against Impersonation.
    Impersonation is a big challenge right now.  So the blue tick acts as a shield against impostors who may create fake accounts in your name. It provides reassurance to your followers that they’re interacting with you and not someone else, reducing the risk of scams or misinformation.

So what about the cons?

  1. The dollars. The price tag of $14.99 per month can add up over time. You’ve gotta figure out if it’s going to be worth it, at this stage of your business, and whether it fits within your budget.
  2. Perception of Inauthenticity. Now that there’s this paid option, some users might view paid verification as a shortcut to credibility, potentially undermining the genuine efforts you’ve made to build your online presence. Have a good think about how your audience may perceive this investment.
  3. Expectations. If you have a blue tick, your followers are likely expecting a certain standard of content.  You need to be showing up every day on social media (or almost every day), and you must have systems in place to respond to comments, DMs and interactions.  Be prepared to meet these expectations to maintain your reputation.

So here’s my 10 cents.

I haven’t paid for the blue tick.  Not yet anyway.  I might one day.

But for now, as I’ve weighed up these exact pros and cons, the benefits aren’t quite worth it for me just yet.

Having said that, as more features roll out for blue tick holders, I might pay for it.  I’m happy to pay for a service on social media (and I already pay for advertising on Facebook and Instagram, so I’m happy to give them my money).  It’s just a matter of weighing up the pros and cons, and right now, it’s not worth it (for me).

What about you?  Are you thinking of paying for the blue tick?

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