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Melissa Hickson

“I got stopped in a takeaway restaurant because someone recognised me from social media!”

When I first started my rent roll, I started in an area that I’d never worked before.  So I didn’t have any connections to help me grow my business.  So I though that social media would be a great way to start.

But I had never used social media for business, so I was like a sponge and learnt everything I could about social media.  I discovered that the best way to showcase my business was with video.

My favourite platform is actually Linked In, where I have close to 10,000 connections.  I actually got stopped in a takeaway restaurant by someone who said “Hey, I know you! You’re Melissa from Prime Residential Property Management!”  Turns out, he knew me from Linked In, so I must be doing something right.

I love using The Content Club as part of my social media to help me create posts that showcase who I am, as the business owner, and what my interests are.  I love showing off my puppy in these fun posts too (and my followers love her too!).  The Content Club is such a great starting point for social media, because it makes it really easy. So, if you need ideas for your social posts, definitely get in The Content Club.

Even though I don’t normally schedule any of my social posts, I usually spend a little bit of time on Sunday afternoons (or weeknights) to work on my socials.  I think the most important thing is to be consistent and always be posting on your social accounts.  It really has helped my business grow.