Making Money in a Brand New Rent Roll

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Brand new rent rolls can struggle to make money.

When I first started my rent roll, I was burning money faster than I could possibly make it.

I know when I had my rent roll, it seemed to take FOREVER before I started paying myself, and the expenses just kept rolling in.

I remember the stress of trying to find enough money to pay my bills

I recall wishing for the day that I could pay myself a wage

I was wishing, hoping and praying for more clients, so that I could make more money, and at the same time wishing, hoping and praying for slower growth so that I didn’t have to work as hard and long

But, I discovered 3 secrets to making money in a small rent roll.

So let me share my secrets here…

Watch this video:

To get the spreadsheet I mentioned, go to www.rentrollstarter.com.au/cashflow

To access the free guide I mentioned, go to: www.rentrollstarter.com.au/5things

The article/video by Denise Duffield-Thomas I mentioned: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hamXRtfCf5g

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