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I’m sitting in my home office, as I listen to the racket of drilling in my roof, and the sound of loud music playing from a stereo, also somewhere on the roof…

And I’m wondering how to get my work done amidst the interruptions.

Let’s face it, I’m certainly not going to get any filming done!

When I got home from my walk this morning, there was roofing plumber trying to get access into our unit complex.

He said he wanted to contact one of the residents, to ask if you could use their power today…

He didn’t know who the resident was…

He didn’t know if he was allowed to use her power…

He didn’t have her contact details…

He didn’t have access to the building….

And the resident he was trying to contact wasn’t at home…

So I let him into the building…

I propped the common entrance door open with a rock…

I found him a power point in the common area hallway…

And I gave him access.

Shortly after, he propped the ladder up outside my living room window, and has proceeded to climb up and down, interrupting my privacy, and making an almighty racket, while I am trying to work from home.

And this is why there’s SO much opportunity for you to get the edge over your competitor!

Sure, I’m a tenant.

And this comes with the territory, right?

And I’m a tenant in a unit complex, so you just gotta accept that building works could happen at any time, right?

But I’m also an investor too.

And I know a lot of other investors.

But this morning, no one bothered to tell any of the residents in my building, that roofing repairs we’re going to commence.

Now, somebody knew that this was happening.

Somebody sent a work order.

Somebody knew that power would be required.

Somebody knew that access would be required.

Somebody knew that the work would commence on a certain day.

Somebody knew that the work would finish on a certain day (for the record, I still don’t know when this work is going to finish).

And nobody told anybody in the building that this work was commencing.

So why, in a world where our software does automatic communication for us, was no one notified?

I’m under no illusions that the work would have happened whether we were notified or not.

But, a quick email from the strata manager to the individual agents might have been nice, right?

Or a quick email from the individual agents to the tenants might have been nice too, right?

When did it become okay to NOT tell anyone anything?

This is where our industry fails sometimes.

We’re so reliant on our software, our systems, our tech…

That we forget that there are people impacted…

There are individuals who are getting changed in their unit while a roofer climbs up past their window!

And all it would have taken was a one-line email…

And I wouldn’t be writing this ranty blog.

But no one bothered to send that one-line email.

And now I’m ranting.

But here’s where the opportunity lies.

Opportunity to add just a tiny piece of communication, to ensure that everyone is kept in the loop.

So, where can you add a little one-line email?

Or a little single sentence text message?

And totally change the customer experience for your clients?

How can you make these TINY changes and change the service experience for the people who work with your office?

Let me tell you, you only have to be a little bit better than “rubbish” in order to be head and shoulders above your competitors.

So now it’s over to you.

Where are you going to add a little touch of communication to UP-LEVEL your service?

And how are you going to use these incremental improvements to grow your rent roll?

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