How to write landlord newsletters that people LOVE to read

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Are you writing landlord newsletters?

Or maybe you want to start?

Or perhaps you used to write landlord newsletters, but no one reads them, so you stopped.

And seriously, what’s the point of spending hours and hours each month writing a newsletter if your landlords don’t actually read them?

Newsletters can be a powerful way to communicate with your current landlords…

PLUS they’re a great marketing tool for potential landlords.

So, are you writing newsletters that people LOVE to read?

If you’re not, I’m going to share the 3 keys to writing newsletters that people LOVE to read.


Key # 1

Write newsletters that interest your clients.

This might sound common sense.  But it’s not common place at all.

So often, I see landlord newsletters aimed at “convincing” landlords to use your Property Management services.

When I read newsletters like these, I feel like the entire landlord newsletter is one big “sales pitch”, telling me how good you are at Property Management…

Imagine you’re a landlord…

You arrive at your local café, ready to relax on a Sunday morning…

You order your cold brew coffee (well, that’s what I’m ordering anyway!)

You pull out your landlord newsletter to have a read…

And the first article is title “Why You Should Use our Property Management Services”

Then the next article title is “Try Our New Landlord Portal – It’s The Best!”

Then the next article title is “Buy This Property As An Investment”

Then the next article title is “Look How Low Our Rent Arrears Are!”

It feels like a great big “sales pitch”.

One big advertisement.

And trust me, if you’re relaxing on a Sunday morning at your favourite café with a cold brew coffee (seriously, you gotta try cold brew coffee!) you just want to enjoy an INTERESTING landlord newsletter.

You don’t want to be “sold at!”

So please write articles that are INTERESTING for your landlords (and potential landlords) to read.


Key # 2

Know your audience

This is a two-pronged point.


“Prong 1”

If you’re writing landlord newsletters, and especially if you’re sending them out by email…

Send them to the right audience.

Only send landlord newsletters to your current and prospective landlords.

Don’t send them to your entire database.

You’ll burn out your database if you’re sending irrelevant newsletters to people who aren’t interested in them.


“Prong 2”

Get to know the types of landlord newsletter articles your clients want to read.

If you’re not sure, ask them!

Key # 1 was about writing newsletters that are interesting to your landlord clients.  This needs to be the priority.  So if you don’t know what they want to read, you need to find out.

And the best way to find out, is to ask them!


Key # 3

Remember the mailbox

When was the last time you received an interesting newsletter by post?

For me, it was a 12 page newsletter from a local charity we support, including a personalised note from the guy (who we know) who runs the charity.

My hubby and I both sat down and read the ENTIRE newsletter!

It was great!

And I got such joy out of reading it over a cup of coffee.

We’re living in a time when your landlord’s mailbox is almost empty.

So, if you want them to read your landlord newsletters…

And you know that your landlord newsletters are good…

Consider posting them out!

This can be an especially powerful marketing strategy for your potential landlords.


Bonus Key # 4

Don’t forget your tenants!

Tenants talk.

You don’t need me to tell you this.

So, if you start providing your tenants with interesting tenant newsletters, imagine how they’ll talk about you!


Now, if you don’t have time to write your own landlord newsletters, you’re welcome to grab mine for as little as $33 per month!  Click here to purchase pre-written landlord newsletters

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