How To Get More Word of Mouth Referrals

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You know what makes my blood boil?

When I hear rent roll owners say…

“We’ve only growth from referrals, so we really need to start some marketing”

If you ever find yourself saying this…

You’re basically saying…

“It’s only a referral…

So it doesn’t count”

I hear this all the time.

I mean…




And if you’re one of these people who says something like this…

Please accept this message as a virtual forehead-slap.

Okay, maybe not a forehead-slap.

That feels a bit violent.

But a gentle reminder that referrals count!

In fact, it doesn’t matter how great you are at marketing, if you’re not delivering great service, you’re never going to get referrals.

So referrals are an excellent way to gauge how your business is performing, and how well you’re looking after you current clients and business partners.

And if you like getting referrals, here’s 2 ways to get more referrals into your business.


  1. Blog

Write a blog, and post it on your website.

Now, that might not seem like a great way to get referrals.

So hear me out.

Once you’ve written your blog, share it with your audience AND your referral partners.

Tell your referral partners about it, ask them to share it with their clients.

Then write another blog, and share it again.

And write another blog, and share it once more.

Now, rinse and repeat.

Show your referrals partners that you’re a reliable source of information and education for their clients.

Then watch the referrals roll in from that referral partner.

Quick reminder here.

This is a long term strategy.

You must be consistent with this.

You can’t start now and stop when you get busy.

If you want to be seen as the expert in your area and a reliable source of information that your referral partners can confidently send clients to, you gotta keep it up.

But it builds momentum.

And you’ll get more referrals from it.


  1. Drink more coffee

Can I get an Amen?

Drink more coffee…

But don’t drink it alone!

Set yourself a goal to have a coffee with two potential referrers each week.

This could be from your business network, your community, your current landlords and tenants, or anyone else who knows people in your area.

If twice a week, you were having your morning coffee with someone who could introduce you to more clients, wouldn’t you do it?

Well, you can.

But only if you do it consistently.

There’s really no substitute for consistency when it comes to growing a rent roll.

If you want results, you gotta keep turning up.

But if all you had to do was drink a coffee with a business friend twice a week, why not?

And if you need a simple strategy for getting more people to become your referral partner, join my free mini course: The 5 Step Action Plan for Rent Roll Growth where you’ll discover a strategy for working with your referral partners.

If you haven’t seen my last blog titled How To Get More Landlord Leads be sure to check that out next!

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