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Getting Email Right


We all rely on email these days, but there are some etiquette tips that sometimes slip through the cracks.

This is how we like to handle email, to make sure we’re saying exactly what we mean: Subject Line In Property Management, we like to include a few words about the subject contained in the email itself, as well as the property address.

For example: “Routine Inspection Completed – 123 Smith Street, Sydney”.

This way, the receiver knows exactly what the email is about and has a fair idea about whether the email is a high priority or not.

High Priority The fact is, if you’re sending an email to a client, it’s probably not a high priority, so don’t flag it this way.

If something is urgent and needs immediate attention, the phone is a better way to communicate, especially to landlords and tenants.

The only exception for this would be if you’ve exhausted all other means of contact and resorted to email as a final attempt, in which case, flagging the email High Priority is probably appropriate.

Capital Letters Most of us know that turning the CAPS on is implying shouting, so in Property Management, there’s no need for this.

Just don’t use all capital letters, ever.

Long Emails If it takes more than a paragraph or two, it’s probably too long to send in an email.

My experience is that you need to take several paragraphs to explain something, then email isn’t the right tool to use to communicate.

Pick up the phone for these ones.

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