Have you ever wondered if you’ve got a leak at your place?

You know, you get your water bill, and it’s waaaaay bigger than you expected!

I mean, sure, water isn’t as cheap as it used to be, but there’s still a chance you could have a leak somewhere.

It’s easy to figure out for yourself though, and it takes about 5 minutes.

Here’s the 2 steps you take to figure out if you’ve got a water leak:

Step 1 – Start by turning off ALL the taps in your house – including the washing machine, the fridge (if you have it connected to water), the automatic sprinkler system, and even the tap connected to your toilet.

Step 2 – Run out to your water meter (which is probably at the front of your block) and check to see if it’s ticking over.  If it’s ticking over and the numbers are going up, that means it’s sending water into your house somewhere.  And if all your taps are definitely turned off, you might have a water leak somewhere.

So, if you discover that you might have a water leak, and you rent through us here at ____________ (AGENCY NAME), make sure you __________ (LOG A MAINTENANCE REQUEST WITH US/SEND US A REPAIR REQUEST FORM/CLICK ON THE “REPAIR” BUTTON ON OUR WEBSITE/SEND US A MESSAGE) so we can get it checked for you right away!

Oh, and one more step!

Remember to turn your toilet water back on… or you’ll be in for a surprise the next time someone uses your toilet! 😂